Truck Driving School: What to Expect


You’ve decided to become a Class A CDL Driver. You understand the risks, demands, and benefits of the profession. You received your CLP from your local DMV. Now it’s time to attend a training program and you’re wondering what to expect. Let’s take a look into the week by week breakdown you will experience when you attend Veriha's Apprenticeship Program.

Truck Driving School: What to Expect

Weeks 1-3 of the Training Program

Week one through three of the program focuses on learning the basics of the industry in a classroom setting as well as hands-on work out on the range and driver simulator. Small class sizes create an environment for a lot of one on one attention and the opportunity to ask questions. Certified trainers will touch on topics such as the responsibilities of truck driving, trip planning, Hours of Service, DOT regulations, preparing to be out on the road and so much more. Hands-on training gets you behind the wheel learning small maneuvers such as backing beginning from week one.

Week 3 of the Training Program

By week three of the program, students are beginning to have a good handle on small yard maneuvers as well as driving out on public roadways. This week the focus is on getting the students prepared to receive their Class A CDL by engaging in mock tests. Trainers fine-tune the newly learned skills as the students head out to take the State CDL Road Skills Test at the end of the week.

Week 4 – 6 of the Training Program

By week 4 students typically have their Class A CDL and begin driving with our driver trainers. In these next few weeks, students are paired with a Home Daily trainer, a Regional trainer, and also an Over the Road trainer. This ensures that the trainee receives a well-rounded education as they experience all of the different schedules and the variations between them. Being with multiple trainers also opens up the knowledge base that students pull from as each trainer has different tips and tricks to offer.

Week 7 of the Training Program

As week 7 arrives the student is almost through the initial training portion of the program. During this week, the student has the skill base to become a solo driver, but before that step, they are paired with another student at their same level and head out on the road together. During this week the two students are not team driving, but getting their feet wet and getting a glimpse of what it will feel like to be a solo driver. This is the first time the students are in the truck without anyone more experienced than themselves. The pair can pool their knowledge together and help one another as they navigate this new step.

Week 8 of the Training Program

This is the final week of the initial training program. After the co-driving phase, the student returns to Marinette, WI for a refresher of skills by our certified instructors and then receives their very own truck as they upgrade to a solo driver here at Veriha Trucking. Students going through the Apprenticeship Program will continue skill development up until their 2nd anniversary with monthly learning modules that focus on safety and efficiency. This thorough training program doesn’t cut any corners but rather prepares the student to become a safe and successful Class A CDL Driver. If you would like to know more about Veriha’s Apprenticeship Program or how to contact us visit our website to begin your journey.

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