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Customer satisfaction is a shared value of all Veriha Industry Professionals. Our safety conscious, hard-working truck drivers; our dedicated, versatile operations professionals; and our visionary management team all work together to provide customers with the VIP service they deserve.

Veriha Trucking Transportation Solutions Summary


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Transportation & Logistics Services

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Veriha Trucking
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Veriha Trucking provides high-quality, affordable transportation solutions in 48 states and parts of Canada. Contact our logistics professionals today!



Veriha Trucking’s primary capacity offering and core density reside within the Midwest – Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, and Missouri. We operate a strategic and fluid network within these states, which provides our customers with both flexible capacity and premium service. With our historical success in meeting customer expectations on Midwest lanes, we are confident in our abilities to continue increasing our main truckload solution of 200-500 mile Regional freight.

In addition to our Midwest capabilities, Veriha Trucking also offers a Northeast Regional Network that operates within Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware, Virginia and the New England states.

Over the Road

Expanding on our Regional networks, Veriha Trucking also offers long-haul services between the Midwest, Northeast, Canada, and Southeast.


Veriha Trucking’s fleets are equipped with industry-leading technologies to ensure safety, efficiency, and comfort for our best-in-class driving professionals. Our technologies include: In-Cab and In-Trailer GPS Tracking for real-time monitoring of freight and Hours of Service compliance, DriveCam, Trailer Cargo Sensors, BOSE® Ride Seats, EpicVue in-cab satellite TV, and crash mitigation software.

Entertainment Division

Veriha's Entertainment Division was born from a passion to provide solutions for those in the entertainment industry, by partnering with those who have extensive touring knowledge.

Compressed Natural Gas

Since 2012, our fleet of 28 CNG tractors has been serving our dedicated customer accounts in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Illinois. Equipped with a 12 liter engine, these tractors can travel up to 650 miles on a single tank of fuel.

Our CNG fleet offers the following benefits:

  • Fueled by cleanest-burning fossil fuel
  • Produces fewer vehicle emissions
  • Emissions contain less pollutants
  • Vehicle components last longer
  • Provides similar fuel mileage as gasoline
  • Superior engine performance

We are committed to providing safe, sustainable, and cost-effective transportation solutions, and we continuously strive to improve fuel efficiency and reduce our environmental impact. Our efforts have not gone unnoticed: we are recognized as an EPA SmartWay® Transportation Partner for our commitment to sustainability.

3PL Freight Management

Quadway combines Veriha’s knowledge of the industry with the technical resources needed to bring capacity solutions to our customers utilizing a network of qualified, reliable carriers. Our freight management professionals will coordinate pick-up and delivery appointments, dispatch shipments, and monitor in-transit loads for timely, safe delivery.

Quadway monitors members of its carrier network to ensure compliance with safety, regulatory and insurance requirements and commitment to providing high value service customers expect. With our strong customer base and access to quality freight, Quadway can be the answer for carriers seeking freight to fill empty lanes.

Call (800) 815-0515 or email qw@quadwayfreight.com to contact a Quadway Logistics professional today!

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