Storm & Tornado Safety On The Road


We’ve had a number of tornadoes strike across the country causing incredible damage to homes, businesses, schools, farms and roadways. We have seen devastating injuries and fatalities as a result of these powerful storms. The Veriha Safety Department have put together a few safety tips to help keep you safe should you encounter a tornado while out on the road.

Storm & Tornado Safety On The Road

Please Make Yourself Familiar With The Following Safety Tips

  • Listen to the radio at low volume for updated weather alerts and warnings. Monitor the storm. Delay your trip if possible and find shelter indoors. Use your phone with hands free Bluetooth device and do not use your CB radio.
  • Do NOT seek shelter under a highway overpass – these over passes channel wind and debris with high winds making them more dangerous than being out in the open.
  • If possible, get clear of your vehicle and get lower than the level of the surrounding ground or roadway like a ravine or culvert. Lay face down and cover your head with a coat or blanket
  • Do not get stuck on the road
    • Try to drive out of the path of the tornado but remember that tornados change direction quickly.
    • Park the vehicle as quickly and safely as possible.
    • Try to find indoor shelter. Get as low as you can. Bathroom pipes or stanchions in a barn can provide additional safety.
    • After parking, if you are unable to get away from your vehicle to a safer place get down low and keep your seatbelt on. Put your head below the level of any glass and cover it with a coat or blanket. Keep covered until the noise and wind subside.
  • If power lines are down touching your truck do not attempt to get out. Wait inside for professional assistance. If you must leave your truck, jump to the ground. Do not touch your truck and the ground at the same time. Once on the ground, shuffle your feet. DO NOT RUN! By keeping your feet close together on the ground, it helps prevent electricity from running through your body.

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