Stop, Take a Breath, and Make a Plan


As a truck driver, it isn’t a matter of IF you get lost but when. Whether you miss an exit, can’t find a customer driveway, or take a wrong turn down a skinny road that a truck shouldn’t be on – every driver will or has faced being lost in their careers. The only thing that separates good outcomes and bad ones are your choices and reactions in the situation.

Stop, Take a Breath, and Make a Plan


The very first thing you should do if you find yourself in a situation where you`re lost and don’t know where you are, where to go, or what to do is STOP. You have to stop in the safest manner possible: on the shoulder, ramp, or in the lane with your flashers on (as a last resort) are all options that you have to consider. A very smart driver said it best when he told me “you have to put the shovel down before the hole is so deep you can’t get out of it.”

Once you’re stopped take a breath and make a plan. The situation you’re in will dictate your next move. You may be able to pull out the Atlas and Google Maps and figure out a plan on your own or might need more help. Help is always a phone call away! Please don’t hesitate to call for help!

If the situation is dire a call to the local police department is also an option. An example of a time to call the police right away would be if you were stopped in the lane staring at a low bridge. Put your flashers on, triangles out, make the call to the police, and then to your Safety Department.

The risk of getting into a bad spot out on the road can be reduced with a great trip plan. We are all human after all and unfortunately, it can never be eliminated which is why being prepared to “put down the shovel” is so important. All of you load up your truck with all different kinds of tools and supplies every week and our hope is that we can all leave the “shovel” at home. No matter the situation always remember to “Stop, Take a Breath, and Make a Plan!"

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