SPRING THAW and its Effects on Class A CDL Drivers


When temperatures rise in the spring and the ground begins to thaw out from the winter months, there are many things that Class A CDL drivers need to pay attention to!

SPRING THAW and its Effects on Class A CDL Drivers

In the early and late spring months when the ground is soft, drivers really need to be cognizant of where they are dropping loaded trailers. Trailers need to be dropped on cement slabs available at drop locations or risk the occurrence of a sunken trailer! On average it can cost $1,000.00 to get a single sunken trailer lifted out (not to mention lost time for the driver!). If you find yourself at a location that does not have cement slabs or you are still having issues, reach out to your maintenance team and ask for dunnage or planking to use. These materials widen the pads of the landing gear to better support the weight of the trailer. What if the temperature is still getting below the freezing point at night? Even if temperatures are getting below the freezing point at night, that duration of time is not long enough to generate enough frost to allow the trailer to be supported. Still be cognizant of dropping trailers even if nights bring freezing temperatures!

Pulling off on the Shoulder of a Road

Often drivers may have instances where they need to pull off on the shoulder of a road. This time of the year the gravel gets very soft creating the opportunity for either a steer tire to sink, drive tires to sink, or even an entire trailer to sink. If this occurs, it could lead to a serious issue with the load and trailer lean. To avoid any issue, it is recommended to be cautious if you need to pull onto the shoulder of a road.

Weight Restrictions

One more thing a driver should pay attention to during the spring thaw is temporary weight restrictions. Be sure to check out our video Seasonal Weight Restrictions for more information!



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