Dropping Trailers Best Practices


Dropping off a semi-trailer? Here’s what to know when you drop a trailer!

Dropping Trailers Best Practices

What should I do when dropping a 53-foot semi-trailer?


Dropping trailers can sometimes prove to be an issue. That being said, there are best practices for dropping trailers.

  • Ensure you’re utilizing the truck’s air suspension. When you drop a trailer, crank the landing gear down to where just the landing gear touches the drone.
  • Disconnect, dump the truck's air let that trailer sit down. Once the air empties from the tractor, pull from underneath it. The following driver will come in and dump the air on their truck and back underneath it.
  • The following driver will hit the air suspension to fill it back up. Doing so will help support the weight of the trailer. It will also assist in injury prevention. For example, if you’re cranking on the landing gear of a heavy trailer, and the handle gets jammed, that could result in injury.

Consistently using this process and being cognizant of where your trailer is sitting will help you and the driver after you.


What should I avoid?


Cranking the landing gear too far may raise the back of your truck. Not cranking the landing gear and skipping right to dumping the air makes it harder to get underneath that trailer. Do not immediately back under a trailer. It would be best to back up close to it, see where the heights are, and then go from there.


Anything else I should know?


Unfortunately, it’s impossible to be certain what drop yards, or the spotter trucks will do at different locations. Often though, customers will have dunnage and a willingness to point you toward the best place to drop. Don’t be afraid to ask for guidance from a spotter driver or other team member at a customer.


Want to learn more? Watch our YouTube video “Dropping Trailers Best Practices” for more information! Feel free to share with friends, family, and fellow drivers.

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