Captain of Your Truck


Do you want to know the raw TRUCKING TRUTH that most trucking companies WON'T tell you? Here it is...YOU are the CAPTAIN of YOUR truck; NO ONE knows when you can and can't drive better than you.

Captain of Your Truck

We appreciate a strong work ethic as much as the next company, but at the end of the day, drivers are the ones in control of how and when things move forward. So-let’s talk about some events that you might make the call not to drive.

  • Adverse Weather Conditions- Sometimes, especially in the winter, the weather doesn't permit drivers to continue safely to their destination at a given time. These weather conditions can include events like heavy fog or snowfall. Safety should always be a priority.
  • Fatigue- We've all had rough nights of sleep and feel worn down the next day. Sleepiness can leave you feeling less focused and alert. If you feel as if you're so exhausted that you can't go on, take a break. It's better to take a break than to be unsafe.
  • Illness- Colds and flu cases can get the best of all of us. If it's gotten the best of you, rest and feel better until you're okay to drive.
  • Equipment- Equipment failures can slow you down. That's okay; stuff happens. If you have determined that your equipment is unsafe to operate, hold off on traveling.

If any of the above events happen, get to a safe place to stop and park, and communicate your status, location, and ETA with those that should know. Then, begin traveling again when you feel safe to do so. Our full Captain of Your Truck series is out on YouTube NOW! Check it out!

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