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At Veriha Trucking, we believe in hiring the right people, providing professional training and creating a positive working environment. That’s our promise to our employees. And when we deliver on our promise, we all succeed.

Current Job Openings:

Load Planner

Marinette, WI or Green Bay, WI

Calling all Superheroes!  It’s a bird, it’s a plane, nope- it’s a Load Planner!

We are looking for a caped crusader whose geographical knowledge and ability to solve problems can lead driving professionals on the adventure of their life. Our ideal Superhero will swoop in and save the day at a moment’s notice with a few clicks on the keyboard and a swipe of a mouse.    

Here is what you will do: As a Load Planner, aka Superhero, you are responsible for increasing company revenue and profitability by effectively assigning the proper Veriha capacity; driver, tractor and trailer to the freight in your designated market.

Here is what you will become: You will be a trusted member of the Veriha Trucking family. In your role you will interact with associates and drivers throughout the company to meet goals and fulfill company initiatives.  Based on your desire your career path could go several ways- you could transition to a Fleet Leader role or to an upper-level management position. 

Who we’re looking for (desired skills and experience): We are looking for someone who is analytical and able to take a solution-based approach to planning our drivers and their routes. The ideal candidate builds relationships within the operations team, and is comfortable with challenging peers and leadership if a decision is not in the best interest of a driver and/or the company.   Prior computer experience is required.  A background in the transportation industry is preferred, but not necessary for success.  If you are satisfied with “just doing your job” this is not the role for you.  We want innovative thinkers and problem solvers on our team.  Capes, supernatural powers and a good sense of humor is a plus.

Career Development Specialist

Marinette, WI or Green Bay, WI, possibility to work remotely

What does a can of corn, the shirt you are wearing, and the device you are reading this on have in common?   No! This is not a JOKE……. the answer is multiple trucks and truck drivers!   Everything we use today has in some way been a part of mass transportation.  You may not even realize it, but transportation- specifically trucking is the backbone of our economy and keeps America moving forward.

How would you like to be a part of this movement? Well, here is your chance! 

Veriha Trucking is looking to add a Career Development Specialist (Driver Recruiter) to our team. In this role, you will recruit driving professionals to move freight for our customers who supply many of the Fortune 500 Companies across America.  YOU will impact America’s economy and the life of a driving professional. 

Here is what you will do: Your day will be spent reaching out to leads for driving professionals via the phone.  You will build relationships with the candidates and share how great it is to be a Veriha Industry Professional, VIP!  

Here is the challenge: Everyone has a life story– you will have to be a detective and determine the “truth” behind the perspective drivers work history and career choices.

Safety- This is an obligation, not a compromise for our VIP Professionals. Your job will be to determine if the prospective driver’s driving behaviors are safe and roadworthy.  Our drivers represent our company and its values. 

Customer- Focused- Drivers are our customers. You will be a prospective driver’s first interaction with the company.  You have to have it all together- organized, poised and polished. 

Flexibility- This is a fast-paced, ever-changing environment. You can’t take it personally if a driver does not qualify for employment- saying goodbye and moving on is sometimes part of the job.

Here is what you will become: Transportation plays a large part of our country’s success and your ability to recruit drivers keeps America moving forward.   Your efforts will not only be sustaining our nation’s economy, but the welfare of our driving professionals and their families.   Based on your drive and desire your future career path can go many ways— company recruiting leader, operations team member, you name it.  Opportunities are endless! 

Skills and Experience: Prior recruiting experience preferred, not required. Transportation experience is a bonus.  Our best recruiters are detail- orientated, self-motivated, goal driven and have a keen ability to connect and communicate with others.  Team players with positive attitudes are a must.  Flexible work hours to accommodate the availability of prospective drivers and different time zones and markets.

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