Class A Refresher Course Available from Veriha


Veriha Trucking offers a Class A CDL refresher course. If you’re ready to hone your driving skills and get back behind the wheel, this is the option for you!

Our 5-day refresher course is offered at our company headquarters in Marinette, Wisconsin. The course includes classroom, range, and behind the wheel instruction provided by industry professionals.

Truck Driver Refresher Course

Whether you have explored a career change and have now decided to return to truck driving, are returning to the job after a period of ill-health or simply after taking some time off, a refresher course can be a great way to make sure you’re ready to “hit the ground running” when you start your next driving job with Veriha Trucking. Over the course of the five day class, our experienced instructors will cover a wide range of relevant topics that will give you the information you need to get your skill set back on track.

Class A Refresher Course That’s Up-to-Date

Rules, regulations, and requirements are constantly evolving in the trucking industry, therefore, it’s important that you’re aware of the most recent information when it comes to getting back into trucking. Our refresher course includes company orientation as well as wellness procedures, driving range, and behind-the-wheel training.

Get Paid for Attending Your Class A Refresher Course

If you decide to join one of our truck fleets, you can start earning while you attend our course. We will pay you $400 to attend as a way to refresh your skills before getting back out on the road. Particularly, if you’ve been unemployed for a while and lack the savings to pay out of pocket for a refresher course, our training could be the perfect opportunity to increase your skills, as well as take advantage of the employment opportunities we offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

The CDL Refresher course is designed for current Class A CDL holders who have been out of the truck for an extended period of time. The course offers the opportunity to practice driving skills and provides exposure to newer technologies and industry regulations before going back out on the road.

Drivers may apply for the Refresher course using the link below:

Refresher Course – Apply Here


Topics Covered
Day 1 Company Orientation
Day 2 Company Orientation
Day 3 Hours of Service, CSA, Trip Planning, Wellness, Emergency Procedures
Day 4 Driving Range & Behind-the-Wheel Training
Day 5 Behind-the-Wheel Training

This is a paid training opportunity. Earn up to $400 in income while attending the week-long course.

Looking for a no-cost training option? Tuition costs are waived for drivers who sign a 1 year commitment to Veriha!

Drivers who sign on with Veriha will earn up to $100 per day while attending the 5-day refresher course.

We serve a variety of students with diverse experience levels and employment histories. Ideal candidates for the Refresher course should:

  • Possess a valid Class A CDL in your state of residence
  • Have several years experience, or have graduated from a certified Class A CDL school
  • Have a Motor Vehicle Report that shows a high regard for safety
  • Be able to drive a manual transmission

Unsure if you qualify? Give us a call at 800-333-9291! We will happy to discuss your experience and make a recommendation for you!

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