Safety First, Environment Always

Veriha Trucking is committed to providing safe, sustainable, and cost-effective transportation solutions. We continuously strive to improve fuel efficiency and reduce our environmental impact.

Our efforts have not gone unnoticed: we are recognized as an EPA SmartWay® Transportation Partner for our commitment to sustainability.


We actively work to reduce our carbon footprint by:

  • Operating clean-burning CNG tractors
  • Reducing fuel usage with optimized route planning
  • Increasing fuel efficiency through aerodynamics
  • Rolling out a tiered paperless policy at office locations
  • Providing in-cab heaters to reduce idle time
  • Monitoring tractor efficiency with progressive software
  • Scheduling vehicle maintenance to ensure optimal tractor performance
Yellow Goes Green with CNG

We purchased our first CNG tractors in May 2012, and opened our own CNG fueling station in August 2012. Since then, our CNG fleet has expanded to 28 tractors.

Equipped with a 12 liter engine, these tractors can travel up to 650 miles on a single tank of fuel – perfect for serving our dedicated customer accounts in Wisconsin, Illinois, and Michigan.

Our CNG fleet offers the following benefits:

  • Fueled by cleanest-burning fossil fuel
  • Produces fewer vehicle emissions
  • Emissions contain less pollutants
  • Vehicle components last longer
  • Provides similar fuel mileage as gasoline
  • Superior engine performance